Couple Therapy

If you are feeling lonely, depressed or anxious because of your relationship problems, you are not alone.  If your relationship is stuck in a rut of conflict, sadness, distancing, and frustration, you know from experience how heavily this weighs on your entire life.  You many see how this darkens your mood, damages your physical and emotional health, and upsets your children and other family members and friends. The important thing is that your relationship doesn’t have to stay that way.  Through marital or couple therapy you can save your relationship.

For more detailed information on what you can expect in couple therapy, please visit our Couple Therapy Page.

Individual Therapy

You may find yourself feeling down, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, or even, numb. It can be helpful to take an hour to sit down with one of us at Lifeway Counseling to talk about what you are experiencing. You are invited to confidentially work through your circumstances, and to take a closer look at how you are dealing with them. Many people cope with difficult things by keeping feelings inside, or even pretending not to be bothered. The result can be symptoms of anxiety or depression, or problems in school, work, family, relationships, health, or sleep. Taking the time to invest in therapy for yourself can be one of the most beneficial choices you can make. The self awareness, emotional regulation, coping tools, and peace of mind you receive with counseling will improve your mood and your self confidence.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is helpful when it is important to see the entire family as being affected by a current circumstance or situation. A basic understanding is that what affects one member of the family affects all members of the family. A few common family problems include communication issues, parenting struggles, blended family conflict, death of a family member, separation or divorce, gay/lesbian acceptance issues, illness, substance abuse or a chronic mental health problem of a family member. A goal of family therapy is to assist and support each member in expressing his or herself, knowing his or her value in the family, and find the support he or she is in need of.

If you are looking for more information on Child Therapy, please contact Kelli Barnes.

Adolescent Therapy

Teens struggle with social, academic, and other pressures. Often, sharing these concerns is difficult for teens and can leave them feeling isolated. As a result, adolescents and pre-adolescents often experience anxiety and depression, which can lead to more isolation, anger, or harmful behavior. A goal of teen therapy is to help your teen to cope with emotions, solve problems, and make good decisions. Finding support for your child now increases the likelihood that he or she will be able to navigate the challenges of life now and for years to come.

Gina has worked with adolescents and pre-adolescents for most of her professional career. She easily relates to young people, and is interested in helping them through the many difficulties they encounter. Having raised three now young adults, she looks for possibilities to open doors of connection and communication for adolescents with their parents.

Grief Counseling

The grieving process is different for everyone. Grief can be loss of a loved one, loss of a job, of a dream, or of a pet. Along with grief and loss, transition, which can involve grief, also brings difficulty and emotions that can be overwhelming. In your therapy, you can find a confidential and non-judgmental relationship to support you. Your therapist will work with you to accept the feelings associated with the transitions you are experiencing. Through therapy, you can come to understand your reactions to loss and identify the meanings associated with the attachment you feel, and the subsequent loss of that attachment.

As each experience of grief is unique, complex, and personal, your therapist will tailor treatment to meet your specific needs. Please contact us directly if you wish to learn more about our offerings for those experiencing loss or grief. 

Group Therapy

Joining a group of strangers may sound intimidating at first, but group therapy can provide benefits that individual therapy cannot. We offer group therapy sessions offered at various times, including a group for adults, a group for teens, and a group for those experiencing grief and loss.

Gina Smith has been mentored to facilitate group processes, and has participated in group therapy sessions herself. She has led numerous groups of adults and adolescents in a multitude of settings. The relationship building and bonding that occurs through a community, gently directed, brings many positive results such as lowered social anxiety, developed interpersonal skills, and new perspectives. Inner peace can be developed in this safe and secure environment, and problems can be seen as having possibilities and hopeful outcomes.

For informations abut groups, please contact us directly.